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Cold and Alone on an Icy River

Originally published in Sea Kayaker magazine's August 2010 issue.  Copied here with persmision from Randy Morgart

Screen Shot 2015 05 31 at 1.12.17 PMFriday, February 19th, the weather was better than it had been in some time with temperatures in the upper thirties and overcast. I knew I couldn't make a Saturday trip with friends and I was in the mood to paddle solo.

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Safety Guidelines

2v0kho0Outline of safety requirements and guidelines to be followed for club paddle outings

Advancement of skill level assumes mastery of preceding levels.

Read more: Safety Guidelines

Day Trips Around St. Louis

IMG 0652Below is a list of day trips in and around St. Louis.

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Buying a Kayak

P7120561 ttThere's no way I would ever recommend a specific kayak for anyone. Kayak preferences are as personal as underwear. But there are some general considerations, which can help anyone find a kayak.

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Dress for Cold Weather

images-2I bought my first kayak, right in the middle of a balmy June. It was great, the weather was perfect, and I spent the better part of a week out on the water every afternoon.

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Kayaking Glossary & Terms

Here is a list of common and not so common kayaking terms and their definitions.

kayak drawing

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How to Tie Down a Boat

DSC00234Some things are best seen from a distance. Erupting volcanoes, for example, or waterspouts. Or flying canoes, come to think of it. There's nothing like watching 55 pounds poly plastic kayak headed for your windshield at 65 mile an hour to concentrate the mind.

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